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Key Air Conditioning Maintenance Areas That Require Close Attention

Keeping your air conditioning system well maintained at all times makes it more energy efficient; this saves you money on energy bills. Proper maintenance also extends the lifespan of your system. Air conditioning systems require keen attention and regular maintenance throughout the year. Here are some of the key areas you need to pay close attention to during maintenance.


Evaporator and condenser coils are the most crucial parts of your system. They act as the heat exchange point of the system. These coils can gather dirt over time, which reduces airflow and coats the coil's surface resulting in reduced ability to absorb or disperse heat.

Outdoor condenser coils easily become dirty, depending on the kind of environment they are in. Condensers located in dusty environments with lots of leaves in the surrounding area require regular checks to ensure they are clean at all times. You can maintain the clean state of coils by ensuring the area around the condenser is free of debris and foliage. Ensure that there is adequate airflow around it for proper operating efficiency.


Filters play the critical role of ensuring that the air circulating through the system is clean at all times. Filters can become dirty over time and begin to clog. Once they clog up, the efficiency of the air conditioning system drops drastically. The system is forced to work even harder due to the restricted airflow. With the filters clogged, some of the air going through the system tends to bypass the filters completely. This unfiltered air carries with it dirt, which ends up coating the evaporator coils. Dirty evaporator coils suffer reduced heat absorption.

Replace the filters in the system from time to time, typically after a month or two. Systems that are in constant use, especially in dusty environments or households where there are fur-bearing pets present, require more attention. Although most filters have to be replaced after a given period, there are certain types that you can clean and reuse.


The thermostat is the centre of the entire system. This is the part that gives you control of the system as a whole. A faulty thermostat renders the entire system redundant. Check your thermostat and ensure that it is in the proper operating order. If your system uses the older mechanical thermostat, you should consider an upgrade to the modern programmable model, which will give you a more accurate control of the entire system.

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