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Climbing Plants to Consider For Your Garden Fencing

Garden fencing is crucial if you would like to keep your plants and blooms safe from trampling. Nonetheless, plain garden fencing can detract from the kerb appeal of your yard. Whole nurseries have a broad assortment of greenery that would transform this fencing into a visual element in your garden. One thing to note, however, is that some climbing plants do have the proclivity for being extraordinarily intrusive and could end up impacting the development of plants in your garden. Thus, it is vital to know the traits of the different plants you are considering before making a selection. So what are some of the climbing plants that you could consider for your garden fencing?


Homeowners looking to add a splash of colour to their garden using lush blooms would find jasmine an ideal fit for their needs. These plants are characterised by bringing forth a throng of white flowers that are highly fragrant. Thus, not only would the visual aesthetic of your garden fencing be significantly increased, but also your entire yard will have a subtle scent that is quite appealing. Jasmine is also quite suited to Australian climate as it can grow in the sun or the shade. The main drawback of jasmine is that it grows very fast. Therefore, you would be tasked with routine pruning if you would like to keep the blooms from taking over your garden.


If you would like your property engulfed in a strong fragrance, then wisteria would be a good option for your garden fencing. This plant produces lilac blooms that are sure to boost the visual interest in your property. Moreover, wisteria is so adept at climbing that it can be integrated into various structures on your property with ease such as pergolas, your veranda, garden archways and more. As the plant grows, the blooms delicately drape over the structure that they are growing on making them stand out. Wisteria is particularly great for parts of Australia that experience cold climate as it can still thrive through the winter.


Your climbing plants do not exclusively have to consist of flowers. Individuals looking to add fruits to their yard would find a passionfruit vine a great addition to their garden fencing. This plant has a sturdy vine that is capable of holding tight to the fencing once the fruits begin to form. The main thing to be wary of with a passionfruit vine is that it has a highly competitive root system. Therefore, make sure that you plant it away from other seedlings to prevent an inadequate supply of nutrition from the soil.

For more information or assistance, contact a local wholesale nursery.

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