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4 Questions to Ask Before Leaving Your Home for Holiday

Many people are planning to travel to different destinations for their holidays. However, you should ensure that your home security system is able to deal with any threats while you are away. The fact that you hired a locksmith to put stronger locks on your door does not mean your home is one hundred percent safe. Some thieves take advantage of such periods to break into homes and carry away your valuables. To avoid such incidences, below are several questions to consider before leaving for your holiday.

Are the alarms within your home fully functional?

If you have never had any security incidences at your home, then it is almost impossible to know if your alarm system is fully functional. There might have been an electrical fault which short-circuited the system, causing it to malfunction. Leaving your house in this state is very risky. Contact the home security company to conduct random tests to make sure that everything is in order.

Is it obvious that nobody is within the house?

Even though you will be away, it should not be obvious that nobody is around. Some of the signs that are obvious include a car that has not moved for several days in the driveway or a house that is dark at night. Intruders can detect these signs and make a plan to steal from you. The best strategy is to make everything appear as if you are still around. Get an automated system that turns on different lights at night, which will make passersby assume that someone is in the house. Make sure that all cars or toys are locked up in the garage before leaving.

Can you get someone to watch the house while you are away?

If you can get someone to stay in your house while you are away, you should do so. This is because the presence of a person in the house acts as a deterrent for criminals who always want to remain undetected. The best person to carry out this task is a relative who might not require any payment. Otherwise, you can hire someone to do the same job for the few weeks you will be away.

Can you remotely monitor your house?

Ask your security provider if you can remotely monitor your house. Modern surveillance systems allow the owner to receive live updates on their mobile devices. In case you detect something is wrong, you can make a call to the security company to check it out.

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