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Pros of Choosing PVC over Timber When Installing External Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the more conventional designs people gravitate toward, as they are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Their distinctive large slats translate into maximum natural light illumination in your home, as you need it. Moreover, when your plantation shutters are open, they allow enhanced ventilation in the home, making them ideal for sweltering Australian summers. Although plantation shutters are traditionally manufactured from timber, there has been a growing interest in PVC shutters, mainly when installing these window treatments outdoors. Here are some pros of choosing PVC over timber when installing external shutters:

PVC shutters are more weather-resistant

Timber plantation shutters may be coated with a sealant to provide them with a degree of protection against precipitation. Nonetheless, this sealant would have to be applied on a routine basis if the external shutters are to retain their weather resistance. With PVC plantation shutters, this would not be a concern that you would have to have. The material that these shutters comprise is inherently suited to wet areas, so they will not succumb to water damage prematurely. Moreover, you would not be subjected to rigorous maintenance in an attempt to retain their integrity. Therefore, your PVC external shutters are much more likely to serve you for longer.

PVC shutters provide high insulation

An assumption some individuals may make regarding PC shutters is that they would not have any insulation properties to offer the residence. The truth is PVC is not simply a  variant of plastic. When this material is used for shutters, the manufacturers will typically treat the PVC with ultraviolet stabilisers. The stabilisers function to deflect radiant heat from the sun, which would, in turn, facilitate keeping your home cooler when the temperatures are rising. Additionally, having the PVC shutters installed on the exterior of your windows also boost the overall insulation of your home by decreasing thermal loss during the colder months. Therefore, PVC shutters provide just as much thermal-padding for your premises as timber shutters would.

PVC shutters are visually appealing at a fraction of the cost

Every homeowner wants to ensure that their property has kerb appeal. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you have to break the bank in an attempt to make the exterior of your home visually interesting. The great thing about PVC plantation shutters is they come in a vast assortment of textures and colours. Additionally, you have the opportunity to mimic the appearance of natural timber shutters without it costing you an arm and a leg! 

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