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Tips for Checking and Repairing Your Awning

If you have a motorized awning attached to your home or RV, it may occasionally need a repair. You can buy a new awning, hire a professional repair person or do your own repair. Here are some tips on doing your own awning repairs.

You may want to run through these steps at the beginning of every spring when you plan to start using your awning to ensure you don't face any surprise issues in the midst of summer when you really need shade.

Check the Motorised Elements

If you have a motorised awning on your home, you need to start by looking over the motorised elements. First, look over the cord. If you see fraying in the casing, that could be a sign that you need to replace the cord before you use the system again.

If the cord looks fine, make sure that you can plug in the awning. Then, test it. If you hear grinding noises or other sounds that indicate the motor is having difficulty, that may be a sign that your motor needs a professional repair. Alternatively, you may want to check the metal framework that supports the awning to ensure those elements are working correctly. If they are bent or dirty, that may be causing the issues with the motor.

Clean and Repair the Retracting Parts

At this point, you should do a check of the retracting parts. Typically, they consist of rollers that run down rails. First, make sure that the retracting parts aren't bent. If they are bent, they won't be able to move as well, and that can wear on the motor or lead to more damage. You can fix a small bend by bracing a straight piece of timber behind the rail. Then, gently hammer the rail into alignment.

If all the components look straight and well aligned, use a white cloth to clean the rails and the rollers. Use the cloth repeatedly until you can rub it over the area without picking up any dust or debris. Then, oil these areas. A spray-on lubricant can also work.

If your motor was having difficulty, try opening and closing the awning after you have taken these steps. If the issue was due to debris in metal framework or bent rails, the motor should work now. If it's not, that's a sign that you need to look into motor repairs.

Replace the Roller Tube

If you have an awning on the side of your RV, that generally has a roller tube. If the roller tube is damaged, you can replace the whole part. There are also special inserts that you can use to strengthen your roller tube.

These fit inside the roller tube. Generally, the tubes are hollow, and if extra weight gets on your awning due to snow or sitting rain water, these tubes can snap. An insert helps reinforce their strength. You just have to ensure that you line up the groove on the insert with the groove on the roller tube. That's where awning slots into the base.

Patch the Fabric

Once all the motors and supporting mechanisms are working correctly, you need to look over the fabric. If there are holes or spots where the fabric has worn out, you may want to patch those areas. If you know how to sew, you can do that. Make sure to use a sturdy thread designed for upholstery.

Alternatively, cut the fabric to make a patch and then use a water-proof, UV-resistant glue to adhere the patch into place. Note that you need to make the patch slightly bigger than the hole. There needs to be an overlap between the two fabrics so that you have somewhere to put the glue. 

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