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Factors That Determine the Shade Sail Shape to Buy

Its summer once more and you have revamped your patio, and all that remains is installing a shade sail. Sails offer the much-needed protection from the sun while giving you the opportunity to enjoy the breeze. Since sails come in different shapes and sizes, it can be a challenge trying to figure out what form is best for your intended space. You do not want to buy a single triangular sail only to realize that the assigned anchoring points cannot hold it firmly as required. This article highlights factors that dictate what shape of shade sail is right for your patio.

Size of Space -- When choosing a shade sail shape, the size of the space you want to install it plays a significant role. If the overhead area on your patio is small, then you need to go for a triangular-shaped sail. The reason is that triangular sails can fit better into smaller spaces since the three sides can be manipulated to accommodate any obstacles in the form of trees or walls. However, if your patio is big, then a rectangular or oblong-shaped sail will do fine since there are no any obstacles to factor in such cases.

Amount and Direction of Sun Hitting your Patio -- The path the sun takes during the day determines the amount and direction of sunlight that hits a specific area. Therefore, you need to know how much sunshine you expect on your patio before you purchase a sail. For instance, if your patio gets just a little bit of sunlight from one direction, then a shade sail shape that can be angled to protect that particular side is right for you -- a triangular sail will be ok in this case. If on the other hand, your patio will be under direct sunlight throughout the day, then go for a more uniform shape -- a circular or square sail will provide the best results.

Style -- While the primary objective of shade sails is to provide shade from direct sunlight, you can use it for aesthetic purposes when installed on your patio. All you need is some creativity and the right sail shape. If you want a statement look that retains functionality on your sails, then buy two or three sails then layer them across over each other. You can do the same with more shapes such as octagon sails. If you prefer functionality over style, then the regular rectangle or square sail will work for you.

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