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Renovation Ideas to Make Your Small Bathroom Look and Feel Bigger

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in every home, yet it is among the smallest and the least considered when it comes to décor. However, just like your living room, kitchen or bedroom, the bathroom can also benefit from some renovations and touch-ups once in a while. One of your key targets when remodeling a bathroom should be to try and make the room look and feel bigger. This makes it appealing to the eye and also increases the room's functionality. Here are some practical and inexpensive ideas that you can utilize to make your bathroom look and feel bigger.

Redecorate with white 

There's no better way to make a room look and feel bigger than by decorating with white. A light color like white tends to appear farther away from the eyes, and this causes the eye to perceive a room to be bigger than it is. White also complements natural lighting and reflects light rather than absorb it as dark shades do. Redecorate with this color by repainting the walls and investing in white vanities, tiles, tub, sinks and other fixtures. You do not have to go with the lightest shade of white, but you can choose off-white shades or other light colors.

Free up the floor

The last thing you need in a small bathroom is having fixtures installed on the floor. This fills up the room and makes it look even smaller. Create additional floor space in the bathroom by investing in floating bathroom cabinets and vanities. Make maximum use of the area underneath the sink by installing storage cabinets. Also, if you don't need too much storage, invest in a small vanity rather than one that takes up too much space. Freeing up space leaves more floor space, and this can make the room feel look much better and bigger than it is.

Go big with mirrors

Mirrors provide an excellent way of making space look visually appealing. They reflect light and open up a room to make it look big. What's more, you don't have to spend as much on mirrors as you would with paint, new flooring, or new vanities. Invest in one or two large mirrors for your bathroom. You can even do a wall-to-wall mirror to make the bathroom look double its size. If you are not so crazy about mirrors, consider replacing the shower curtain with a glass panel, and this can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the bathroom.

You don't have to break the bank and knock down a wall to make the bathroom look big. Consider these simple and practical yet inexpensive tips to remodel your bathroom space and make it look bigger and aesthetically appealing. Contact a company that does bathroom renovations for additional advice.

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