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What You Need to Know About Shade Sails for Your Outdoor Space

Shade sails are a good choice for any outdoor space, as they can be stretched across a wider area than most awnings; you can even put a sail over your pool or driveway, or have one installed that easily reaches every corner of your patio or deck. Shade sails can also be installed over a child's play area or an outdoor walkway. Whatever your needs for a shade sail on your property, note a few questions you might have about these pieces, so you know which type to choose for your needs, and are sure to enjoy the shade and weather protection you expect from your sails.

Which is better, a very light or very dark colour?

The lighter the shade sail, the more dirt it might show, so it can be best to avoid a white sail in tropical areas or in areas prone to lots of storms. Heavy rainfall can allow dirt, mud, and other debris to settle on your sail, making it look dirty. If you live near the coast, a white sail might also show sand and silt that blows in from the beach.

A darker sail will not show as much dirt and other such markings, so it may be better for areas with lots of rain. You don't need actual black sails for them to always look clean, however; choose a dark shade of brown to match your home's timber deck, or a very dark blue to coordinate with your home's pool.

Do shade sails need to be taken down in winter?

Shade sails are meant to be very strong and durable, so they can withstand some snow piling up on their surface. These sails also typically lean or tilt slightly, or have curves and dips in the middle, for maximum shading. This also allows snow to slide off the surface of the sail. If your area experiences a very heavy snowfall, you may want to remove some of the snow that's built up on the sail and reduce the weight it's holding, but typically you don't need to actually remove the sails as winter approaches.

Will a sail make pool water too cool?

While shade sails may help to keep a patio or deck area cool, they can actually help to hold the heat of the pool water on its surface, and block wind that would cool pool water and make it uncomfortable. In turn, adding a sail over your home's pool can actually reduce wear and tear on the pool's heater, and keep the water warm for swimming.

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