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How to Enhance a Small Yard Without Making It Seem Like a Prison

When you have a small yard, it can be difficult to create privacy in the space and to add landscaping and other features, without making the yard seem closed-in and claustrophobic. A large panel fence may cut off the view of the neighbours, but it may also make the area seem very boxy and too much like a prison, and landscaping trees may overwhelm a small space, also cutting off your own view of the horizon. To enhance your small space and bring in some greenery while also adding privacy, but without overwhelming that area, note a few tips to consider.

Hurricane fences and vines

A good way to add both privacy and greenery is to opt for a hurricane or chain link fence and add climbing vines that run through the fence and fill out the mesh. Grapevines, morning glories and other climbing vines will add that needed greenery to your space without taking up room in the soil itself so you don't make your outdoor space cramped or crowded with large landscaping features.


Shrubbery is a good way to also add greenery and privacy; you can choose tall shrubs that won't crowd the footprint of your yard and which are thick enough to obscure the view between neighbours. Look for cypress or holly shrubs, both of which are easy to trim down for a neat and manicured look and which won't need much space for growing.

Glass fence

A glass fence is a good choice for privacy without making a space seem closed-in; opt for etched glass to obscure the view while still letting in light. You might even have a frosted stripe run along the middle of the fence to add some privacy but to keep as much of the space open and unobscured so you can enjoy the horizon without thinking the neighbours are staring at you!

Privacy screens

Privacy screens are a great compromise for a small space; you can add these screens only where needed, such as around a patio or garden area, without putting the screen around your entire yard. Louvered slats that open and close also give you more control over privacy and sunlight. You can close the slats when your neighbours are outdoors and you need some privacy, but then open them when you need maximum air circulation in the yard, such as on a very hot sunny day, or for when you want to enjoy the view from your own vantage point.

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