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Be Careful of These Common Kitchen Remodelling Mistakes

Remodelling your home's kitchen can mean creating a space that is perfect for food prep and storage and which also makes entertaining easier on you as well. A kitchen remodel can even add value to the home, something to consider if you know you might put your home on the real estate market one day in the future.

While a kitchen remodel can offer these benefits, it's easy to make some simple mistakes when planning the remodel and wind up with a kitchen space that isn't as functional as you assumed it would be and which may not add as much value as you assumed either. Note a few of those common mistakes here, so you can avoid them yourself when making your renovation or remodelling plans, and ensure you have a kitchen that you love for many years to come.

High-end surfaces

You might assume that high-end or expensive and rare surfaces, such as rare marble flooring or an exotic timber for the benchtops, would make the kitchen more attractive and add more value to the remodel, but this isn't always the case. Remember that a kitchen may take more abuse that any other room of the home, as those surfaces may suffer food stains, scratches from knives and other utensils, and heavy foot traffic. If a high-end surface should get damaged and need repair or replacement, this could be much more expensive than if you chose a more moderately priced and readily available surface material instead.

Over-sizing the appliances

Oversized appliances can mean more room for food storage and prep, but consider how they would realistically fit into the kitchen's footprint. If an oversized refrigerator and six-burner stove would mean having to remove half the cabinets in the kitchen, and needing to place those appliances so close to one another that you couldn't open their doors, you might scale down those sizes to something more reasonable and that's a better overall fit. This will also mean more room for cabinetry and storage of your dishware and kitchen utensils.


Consider the colours you've chosen for your kitchen remodel; white can look clean and bright, but also a bit dull and boring. On the other hand, mixing too many colours, especially if they don't actually coordinate, can make for a very busy and cluttered look. Consider how your chosen colours will look next to each other; a dark timber floor against dark brown cabinets and a dark tile on the benchtop might look very muddy, so consider a lighter cabinet colour to break up that look during your kitchen remodeling.

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