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Simple Steps To Make Your Home More Secure

Although many of the security systems you could choose from for your home are high-tech these days, some of the simpler approaches you could take should not be overlooked. Established forms of security have been around for a long time because they are reliable. Unlike many of the more advanced security measures you could opt for, low-tech systems and products don't rely on a Wi-Fi signal to communicate, for example. Nor do simpler measures only work effectively when the power is on. If you want to augment your home's security in straightforward ways that are also cost-effective, then read on.

Security Grilles

These days, security screens are much more attractive than they used to be. A screen that is fitted over a window will allow plenty of light in without looking like a set of iron bars that make your home look as though it has something worth stealing inside. A typical security door looks very much like a conventional one from a distance, so you won't draw unwanted attention by installing one. Security doors and grilles provide a simple way of preventing unwarranted access to your home that is much tougher to break past than a door secured with a mortice lock.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Lighting up the access points to your home is a sure-fire way of stopping criminals from looking around your home and garden when they have no right to be there. Burglars hate the idea that they might be spotted, so lighting them up is a great way of putting them off your property. Unfortunately, many motion sensor lights are mains powered, so they can be easily disabled. Opt for battery-powered ones or those that charge via solar power during the day. These are more reliable in a power outage and can be fixed quite easily in places where they cannot be removed.

Multi-Point Locks

Designed for both windows and doors, multi-point locking mechanisms are much better at making your home secure than conventional one. Essentially, a multi-point lock places several catches into the door or window frame when the key is turned. Not only does this make it harder to force the lock open than a normal one, but it makes it almost impossible to prize the entry point out of its frame using a crowbar. Fitting them throughout your home is not difficult and won't mean needing to replace your windows. Doing so could even lower your household insurance premiums.

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