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Moving for Seniors: How to Make the Process Simple and Stress-Free

When you have a senior loved one who is moving house, it is essential to offer all the necessary support during the transition. Unlike young people who are used to hopping from one house or apartment to another, seniors don't have the physical and psychological energy to abandon a place they called home for years. The process can trigger emotional distress if not handled in the right way. So if you have a parent or grandparent who is in their senior years and you wish for them to move to a better house, here are tips that will help them make a smooth transition.

Plan for the move

Moving house is an engaging task, and the last thing you should do is leave your loved one to struggle alone. Organise the move by helping them pack and declutter the home. However, don't dominate or push your loved one aside. For most seniors, moving house gives them a sense of lost control. Help them shake off this feeling by allowing them to get involved in simple tasks that won't result in physical fatigue. Find a good moving company that will be tasked with moving the items to their new home. When every part of the process is going smoothly, your loved one will be in a position to appreciate the need for a new home.

Involve other loved ones

Seniors thrive on seeing their children and grandchildren around them. This tends to bring a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Ask as many loved ones as possible to take part in the moving process. Let them come and help with packing and unpacking after the move. When surrounded by people, your loved one will shake off the stress associated with the move and also feel loved and cared for. This is essential in promoting their emotional well-being during and after the transition.

Take pictures of the house

Do you have a loved one who is resistant to change? Do you think that they will feel uncomfortable and uneasy in their new home? If so, the best you can do is to maintain the organisation and layout they have in their current home. So before packing up furniture, take photos of the house. This way, you can place furniture, shelves, and other items in the same design they were in the old house. Doing this makes the new space feel like home, especially if your loved one is worried about the appearance of the new house.

Remember to contact a full-service removals company for more tips and to ask about how they can help. The service involves loading, offloading and unpacking items during the transition. This will ensure that your senior loved one won't engage in heavy lifting and other tasks that could jeopardize their health.

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