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Design Elements to Help You Model the Perfect Hamptons-Style Kitchen

One kitchen design that is sure to astound anyone is a Hamptons-style kitchen. And while this style is popular for coastal homes, it is suitable for any household since it blends both form and function to achieve a classic aesthetic that will never go out of style. Secondly, new-age Hamptons-style kitchens incorporate both old and modern elements, so your space is sure to complement the architectural style of your residence. Nonetheless, if you have never remodelled your kitchen with a distinct theme in mind, you may be unaware of what features should go into your remodel. Here are three design elements that will help you achieve a Hamptons-style kitchen.

Go with whites and greys

One crucial feature of your Hamptons-style kitchen will be its colour scheme. Thus, your colour palette should primarily comprise white and grey hues. Although a majority of Hamptons-style kitchens are characterised by being all white, some homeowners may want to inject some warmth into the space. Employing the use of soft greys as accents in the space will add this warmth without detracting from the theme of the kitchen. For instance, you can have stark white walls but balance them out with grey cabinetry.

Matte black faucets

The second aspect to focus on when designing your Hamptons-style kitchen is the faucets. You may think that the colour of your faucets will not do much in tying in the theme, but they do play a role in the visual appeal of the space. Furthermore, you can lean toward contemporary design with your tapware without worrying about it compromising the aesthetic of the kitchen's style. Matte black is a great colour option for your faucets because they will complement any colour. Furthermore, the dark colour gives the impression of fluid lines in the kitchen, which injects modernity to the space.

A butler's sink

Nothing is as more traditional yet functional as a butler's sink. This style of sink has notably more depth than most other basins, which means you have extra space for washing your food and doing the dishes without cluttering your countertops. Moreover, the size of a butler's sink also makes it somewhat of a focal point in your kitchen, so you do not have to deliberate on what other elements to include for visual interest. A pro tip you can use is having the butler's sink painted white so that your matte black faucets can stand out even more by contrasting starkly with the sink. 

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