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What to Consider When Decorating Your Outdoor Space

A luxury outdoor living space can provide a great place to relax or entertain. Luxury outdoor furniture consultant designers offer advice and samples to help you decorate your garden. Outdoor furniture can include benches, chairs, tables, lighting, pots and artwork. What should you keep in mind when choosing your furniture?

What will you be using your garden for?

A garden can be used for a variety of things. If you like to host outdoor parties, then more chairs and tables would be a great option. If you are looking for a minimalistic relaxation space, then you may like a chair, a coffee table and some lighting. If you would like to sit in your garden and look at the plants, then a bench could be a good choice.

How big is your garden?

There are furniture sizes to fit every garden. However, if your garden is smaller you may wish to purchase less furniture to keep the space free of clutter.

Tables and chairs

There are a variety of tables and chairs available in different structures and colours. A luxury outdoor furniture consultant can help you to decide which tables and chairs are best for you. Some chairs can be stacked or folded when not in use; consider this when selecting your chairs. If your garden is small, you may wish to have just one or two chairs and a round table. If your garden is larger, or if you will be serving a lot of people, a dining set may be more suitable.

Tables and chairs can be made from different materials, each providing its own benefits. Rattan effect furniture uses a polyethylene that is created to appear and feel like natural rattan. Rattan effect furniture is comfortable, resistant against weather effects and easy to clean, and it blocks UV rays and prevents mould. Wooden furniture is strong; it can prevent corrosion if coated properly, it is easy to clean and it can be treated to resist weather effects.

Outdoor furniture can also be made from metals, including aluminium and steel. Aluminium and steel do not rust, and other metals can be coated to offer this protection. Aluminium is generally a low-cost option. Steel furniture is traditionally more expensive but tends to offer a longer-term investment. Metal furniture is also easy to clean. Furniture made from plastic or resin is also a good budget-friendly option. Plastic or resin furniture can provide protection against weather effects.


An accessory that offers shade is an important feature for any garden. This can include gazebos, parasols and shade sails.  


There a number of options for outdoor lighting. You can choose from options including lanterns, candles, floor lamps and cube lights. Lighting can be solar powered or use your main electricity.

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What to Consider When Decorating Your Outdoor Space

A luxury outdoor living space can provide a great place to relax or entertain. Luxury outdoor furniture consultant …