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3 Great Options for Sustainably Sourced Wooden Flooring in Your Home

Over the course of the last few years, many Australian homeowners have sometimes avoided timber floors because they have considered them to be environmentally unfriendly. Most emphatically, this is not the case and realtimber floors of all types can be fitted in your home in a fully sustainable way. Of course, there are some rare tropical hardwoods which you would not want to make any sort of timber products from if you care about the future of the rainforests. However, there is still plenty of choices when it comes to beautiful timber flooring which has been sustainably sourced. Here are just a few options to consider.

1. Timber Grown in a Sustainable Fashion

All sorts of wooden products are now manufactured from wood that has been grown in sustainably managed forests. This means that for any tree that is cut down to provide lumber, a new one is planted in its place. Unlike taking a tree from its natural environment in the rainforest, this sort of stewardship means that timber products can be enjoyed without having to worry about their environmental impact. FSC is the brand name to look out for if you are seeking out timber flooring products which have come from a sustainable source.

2. Opt for Bamboo Instead of Wood

If you want to achieve the look of a timber floor but don't necessarily want real wood, then you should consider bamboo as an alternative. Extremely hard wearing, bamboo looks just like a timber floor and it has a warm, natural feel underfoot, as well, making it just as appealing. Unlike a timber floor, however, it is actually made from grass. Bamboo is not just an alternative to a timber floor but the preferred option of many Australian householders these days. You'll find it being sold by many top wooden flooring businesses.

3. Engineered Hardwoods

Engineered hardwood is another option you can look into if you want sustainability sourced flooring. Essentially, manufacturers use less natural hardwoods when they make these sorts of products into flooring than ones which are derived totally from solid hardwood. The hardwood element is the bit that you see on show, on the top of each plank. They are versatile and often more stable underfoot than other sorts of flooring systems because of the way the sections interlock with one another. Even experts cannot tell engineered hardwood floors apart from the real thing once they have been fitted.

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Over the course of the last few years, many Australian homeowners have sometimes avoided timber floors because they…

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