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4 Reasons to Choose Handleless Cabinets for Your Kitchen

You've probably already worked out for yourself what handleless kitchen cabinets are, right? They might seem like an odd prospect at first — after all, cabinets just seem like they're supposed to have handles for easy opening. However, get used to the idea and you'll soon start to appreciate the advantages of going handleless.

If you're thinking of remodelling your kitchen in the future, here are just four reasons to choose handleless cabinets.

1. Cool Modern Design

The kitchen is going to be one of the most well-used rooms in your home. Whether you're sitting back for an evening meal with your family or having a few friends over for a bottle of wine, you'll probably end up in the kitchen. As such, you'll want yours to make a good impression, and handleless cabinets do an excellent job. All surfaces appear seamless and uncluttered, creating a cool design that perfectly complements more modern properties.

2. No Knocks and Bumps

Handleless cabinets look great, but the most compelling benefit is probably avoiding all those bumps as you move around your kitchen. Most kitchens are on the smaller side – even when they aren't. the working areas tend to be concentrated around one small area. That means you'll often bump against outcropping handles as you move around. That can be annoying at any time, but it can be particularly troublesome if you're carrying something hot or delicate. Getting rid of handles is also great when you have kids, who tend to run into outcropping edges and get hurt more easily.

3. Easier Cleaning

Cleaning your kitchen cabinets probably isn't your favourite thing to do, but you can make things easier on yourself by choosing handleless cabinet doors. Since the entire surface is unbroken, all it takes is a quick wipe down to get them looking as good as new. Handles are difficult to clean around, which is a real pain since they also present the perfect place for grease, dust, and other grime to build up. Handleless designs are easier to clean and more hygienic.

4. Easy Opening 

You might think opening your cabinets will be tougher with a handleless design, but people often find that the opposite is true. You see, handleless cabinets can be opened simply by pushing against them — a spring mechanism will then open the door for you. This means you can open them with a push of your body even while your hands are full. For more insight on your options, contact local cabinet makers.

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